Friday, October 13, 2006

"Broken Bones" Benefit Party

The PONSHOP is excited to announce that we'll be teaming up with Magic Bullet Records to host a benefit party for friend and fellow skater, Mark Eyestone. Mark is co-owner of Fredericksburg Skateboards and has dedicated his career into promoting and preserving skateboarding in his hometown of Fredericksburg. Last May, he was injured while skateboarding, which resulted in a significant amount of knee surgery including ACL replacement.
Now that the healing has begun, the hospital bills won't go away anytime soon - so as a way to show support from the local skate community and help Mark to a speedy recovery, we're throwing a party to help him get back on his feet…and back on his board!
First and foremost, we plan on having a FUN time Saturday night. Our friends, The Byzantines and Rocky's Revival
will be providing live music and fellow Fredericksburg skater Patrick will be premiering his skate video featuring all the local youths shredding it up.
We'll be holding an auction which will feature artworks from Brent Eyestone, Rob Landeck, and of course the PONSHOP. All of our efforts are to raise money to aid in Mark's recovery so come on out and show your suppport!
Ohh yeah, it will be Halloween weekend, so feel free to rock your costume to the event. Halloween is my wife Scarlett's favorite holiday so you know she'll represent!
For directions to the PONSHOP Studio at LibertyTown Arts Workshop, click here. To donate, contribute, or help us out with throwing this party, email me at

Mark Eyestone rocks to fakie in the streets of Fredericksburg. Photo by Chris Hupman

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

PONSHOP Shop Decks Available

The PONSHOP is now carrying the first run of our "Shop" Decks. Titled the MONO (pronounced moe-no) Snake Decks, these boards are made from top-quality North American Hard Rock Maple and feature a good concave and solid pop. Decks come in two widths: 7.5" and 7.75".

The Shop Decks differ from the art decks that I've been making in that we're encouraging these decks to be ridden, used, and abused. Instead of using four stencils and a background color to fabricate the art decks, I'm using one stencil to simplify the process and retain a reasonable price point.

Shop Decks are available for purchase at the PONSHOP Studio for $45 plus tax which includes griptape. For those of you who can't get to the shop and want to buy one, email me at

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Street Art: Stencil and Aerosol

Below are some photos from September's "Intro to Street Art" Workshop. Students had three 2-hour classes to adorn a 24"x48" sheet of masonite with spraypaint, stencils, and paint pens. Both Bryce and Tristan had alot of ideas and enthusiasm towards their projects, and my challenge was to help guide their way. They were very good at sharing and supporting one another's work and that's a great quality to develop. The compostitions seen below started off as simple pencil sketches and studies in their sketchbooks and evolved into full-color fun. Good Job guys!

Bryce started by cutting a stencil of "REAP" and then picked up spray paint cans to create the "Bunny" Graphic.

Tristan practiced Line and Fill with His "It!" graphic while experimenting with clouds and shadow.