Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wilmington, North Carolina

We celebrated the marriage of our good friends, Kasandra and Jay over the memorial day weekend. Their event was wonderful and brought together a number of close friends from our college days at Virginia Tech. Below are some pics from our tour:Wedding Site: Orton Plantation, North CarolinaCongratulations to Kasandra and JayBlacksburg Crew 1992-todayGreenfield Skate Park, Wilmington, NC.Jason strikes a pose at the park - A Shout Out to the boys at Doublewide Skate and Surf!On the way back from North Carolina, we stopped in Portsmouth, Virginia to visit the White Family and more friends. Thom is my digital arch enemy, except we're bros.
J.D., Marissa, and Mike watch the kids play in the garden...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New PONSHOP T-Shirts are out....

Girl's Fitted Tees: Small, Medium, LargeBoy's Fitted Tees: Xtra Small, Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL

This design above is derived from my 2007 canvas paintings, "My Baby Wants To Rock N Roll." Below is a matrix of all the latest tees available. All shirts are professionally silk screened on American Apparel Tees.

Want some original artwork on a new summer tee? Stop by the PONSHOP and pick one up for $18. Also available at the finest skate shop in Fredericksburg, Fred Skates. (604 Caroline Street, Fred-burg, VA)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Five Years: LibertyTown Arts Workshop

May 17, 2008 LibertyTown Arts Workshop celebrated its five-year anniversary this past weekend with a Friday Night Gala and a Saturday Open House. We were a bit too busy during Friday's Gala to shoot any photos, but Scarlett managed to snap a few pics during Saturday's event. Thanks to all of you who came out for the anniversary to support Fredericksburg's largest fine art facility.
The Spinners and Weavers Guild set up this big woven spiderweb for the kids.
LibertyTown Founder Dan Finnegan (right) and friends of LibertyTown.
A scavenger hunt was set up for visiting children to explore all of the artists' studios...
Painter Rob Landeck demonstrated his blues-inspired painting techniques.
Bill Harris in his studio: oil painting on canvas.
Scarlett demonstrated her ceramic skills that afternoon as well...
Tiffany Yates held down her mother's art studio and demonstrated her clay hand building skills.
There was a Wood Turning Demo in the garden during the afternoon.
Here's a sequence of the mural I initiated that weekend on the LibertyTown facade. Thanks to Hsi Mei Yates for her help in preparing the composition.If interested in supporting LibertyTown Arts Workshop, become a supporting member and get involved: Click Here and select "Membership".

Monday, May 05, 2008

Street Art Workshops: April 2008

April's Street Art Workshops were an adventure. My students worked very hard to bring their pieces to life over the three two-hour sessions. Below are some pics of of their work. Good job guys! Tristan had a stack of personal sketches to choose from, but he used his favorite drawings to implement his two final pieces (above).Robert worked on a set of his most sophisticated stencil sets to date. The results were quite good (below):Conor's 24"x48" piece was inspired by an Elliot Smith album cover. He generated a set of 3 stencils to pull this off...
Knick took no time getting down to business. By the second session, he turned a robot doodle into a 20" wide stencil design. (above) Step #1 Draw...
Step #2 (carefully) Cut
Step #3 Spray...
The finished piece.

For more information about PONSHOP classes, view the current PONSHOP Class Schedule.