Monday, December 29, 2008

Small Works: 4x6 Framed Prints

"Equilibrium 4x6 mini prints" - set of ten, signed by the artist.

December 2008: As we wrap up the year, I'm excited to announce that I'll be finishing another sketchbook project. "Equilibrium" is a chemistry textbook (approximately 8.5"x11" when opened) that I've been using as my collage book over the past three years. The pages that have reached completion were used to make this series of "mini" prints. Click images below to enlarge.

"Equilibrium 4x6 mini: page 520", Digital Print $18"Equilibrium 4x6 mini: page 518", Digital Print $18"Equilibrium 4x6 mini: page 418", Digital Print $18
"Equilibrium 4x6 mini: page 416", Digital Print $18
"Equilibrium 4x6 mini: page 514", Digital Print $18
"Equilibrium 4x6 mini: page 528", Digital Print $18

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

PONSHOP Skateboards featured in "Northern Virginia Magazine"

I'm pleased to announce that the PONSHOP is featured in Northern Virginia Magazine (January '09)

(Click Image to Enlarge)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Quiet Storm" Painting

"Quiet Storm", Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 40"x30" $800
(click pic to enlarge)

December 22, 2008. These are exciting times. Obviously, Scarlett and I and our family have been riding the currents of life quite high since the birth of our second son, Cairo Pons, in November. As many of you fellow parents know, our daily lives have become significantly more structured around the new family member. Fortunately, through both our friends' and families' support, I'm able to get to work and continue to keep our studio well maintained and active.

This recently finished painting, "Quiet Storm", is one of the most formidable for me in terms creating a picture on more on a personal, point-in-our-lives, kind of thing. Its true inspiration comes from our trip to the beach this summer, spending the mornings with my family by the ocean. There's a certain serenity on the shore that can't be found anywhere else.

"Quiet Storm" to me is the Venus of Willendorf circa 2500 AD. I've always been interested in fertility idols of different cultures and over the past six months, I've been sketching and studying female forms that portray the mother with child condition.
At the same time, I wanted to give my own aesthetic to the theme - showing a "structural" and "mechanized" look to the figure while still adhering to clear shapes. I took cues from Scarlett, who, throughout her pregnancy would describe to me how her body is changing to accommodate the additional weight of a baby. Lately when I paint on canvas, I'm trying to let the paint to the bulk of the work and leave my habits as a draftsman/illustrator to other things.

12"x12" Canvas Series: December 2008

Architecture school warped my life - I can't get away from those squares...Check out the new paintings below. On exhibit at Art First Gallery and LibertyTown Arts Workshop in December. (Click Images to Enlarge)"One of the Tribe", Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 12"x12" $200
"Vasquez in the Moonlight", Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 12"x12" $200"Neptune's Daughter", Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 12"x12" sold
"Fatima in the Garden", Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 12"x12" $200

Skate to Create: October / November 2008

Below are photos from this Fall's "Skate to Create" workshops. I was fortunate to have some really great kids who were excited about designing their own skateboard graphic. It was interesting to see that the students seemed to lean heavily towards the Halloween theme this time around...(click images to enlarge).

Alec and Jakob are hard at work cutting stencils...The finished decks ready for the street.Ty and Jon incorporated some text into their graphics.
For a current PONSHOP Class schedule, click here.

Intro to Street Art: October 2008

Alec participated in the October "Intro to Street Art" workshop and had an opportunity to turn one of his sketchbook drawings into a 48"x24" painting. I gave him instruction on some fundamentals of spray painting (can control and safety while painting) while letting him explore creating lines and fills with spray paint.During the final class, Alec made one additional stencil for the "Oblivion" Text.
For a current PONSHOP Class schedule, click here.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

"Contents Under Pressure" Exhibit

MONO Spray Can Set (left to right): History of Bombing, MONO Queen, MONO Towers $100 each.

I'm excited to announce that I'm one of the contributing artists in the "Contents Under Pressure" Show at Jackson Street Gallery in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The opening is Friday Night - December 5 from 7-11pm. Click This Link to read the Freelance Star Article published on December 4th.

MONO Bamboo Spray Can, $100

[Click Image above to enlarge]

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Noviembre" (November) 2008

November 12, 2008: We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby boy. It's a very exciting time for the family and we hope everything goes smoothly. Above is a photo taken last week of Scarlett and Diego. I can't even imagine what kind of character this next boy will have...

"Leviathan", Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 47"x17" SOLD

I've been busy finishing up this piece (above) for the month of November. I've been drawing and painting this octopus form for months - and this painting kind of brings resolve to all my studies and sketches. Two years ago I had this vivid dream that I was on a floating plinth in the ocean and right next to me this giant creature rose to the surface and moved next to (and below) me. I didn't really see any detail of the animal, but (as in dreams) I felt this really great sense of terror, awe, and respect for whatever was around me. That dream was the inspiration for taking on this whole octopus series. On a different angle, I've been joking to myself how this painting is almost a self-portrait: these days I feel like this multi-limbed animal, with my hands in all these different endeavors. "Leviathan" is currently on exhibit at Art First Gallery, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


October is officially renamed to "Rocktober" in the Pons Family Calendar due to rock and roll lifestyle that we're living: face painting, pumpkin patch rides (see the D digging it above), Saturday morning skate sessions...
This is why I've grown to love Virginia - early October weather in the 80s and no humidity: Brooks Park panorama.
B. Smithson (above) blasts frontside for a transfer...
Matt has initiated the Fredericksburg Area Skatepark Association which is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the quality and conditions of local skateparks through youth involvement and community support. Check out the link and get involved!

Adult Drawing: September 2008

Full Scale Self Portrait: Krissy (left) Gabe (right)

September ushered in a refreshing Adult Drawing Workshop. My student, Krissy, is a high school Junior whose interest in drawing and painting brought her to take this workshop. This workshop encourages students to make a habit out of drawing by keeping a sketchbook and practicing exercises to "strengthen" the students way of seeing and drawing. Below are some examples:

Need a model to draw? draw your hands...(above)Marker sketches of statues in still life. (click to enlarge)

For a current PONSHOP class schedule click here.

Intro to Street Art: September 2008

Nick followed up his "Skate to Create" workshop with the "Intro to Street Art" class. He was interested in creating his own style of letters, so we wasted no time getting down to business with sketching and painting...

Nick learned some "can control" while making his outlines and fills (above and below).
The finished product for his bedroom wall...

For a current PONSHOP Class schedule, click here.

Skate to Create: September 2008

Jedi had one of the most ambitious skateboard designs for a ten year-old. He worked very hard and the results were really impressive. In fact, he continued to improvise and paint up until the end of the class. Nice Work!
The original pencil sketch (above) - kind of reminded me of "Killer Croc" from Spiderman...
Some process photos of the first stencil application (above).

For a current PONSHOP class schedule, click here.

Art at the Mill - Artists' Reception

October 12, 2008: The Pons Family made a trip up to Millwood, Virginia for the Artists' Reception for this year's Fall "Art at the Mill" event. Scarlett and I both contributed to this group show. I gave an artist demonstration throughout the afternoon, but Diego's painting endeavors attracted much more attention. Below are some pics from that day.

Works in progress...(above) click to enlarge.
Jon and Christina Burge volunteered for the day's event.
supermodels (above)Composite photo from Micki and Will's house in Berryville, one of our favorite places on the planet.