Sunday, July 29, 2007

Children's Art Expo: Architexture

On Saturday, July 21st, PONSHOP participated in the Children's Art Expo held by Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation. This annual event takes place at Hurkamp Park in downtown Fredericksburg. Kid's Art Expo is a celebration of art and creativity where children can participate in various stations set up around the park. Our station, "Architexture" allowed children of all ages to interact and decorate a temporary cardboard "city".

Below is a chronology of photos from that day, for more information about Children's Activities in Fredericksburg, click here.

10:00 am - construction of the cardboard maze is complete and ready for painting.10:30am -our first visitors. Diego getting in on the action with Grandpa Suhy

1:00 pm - The city is painted inside and out.2:00pm - more kids come for some finishing touches.

Even the paper mache pig got covered with paint...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Commissioned Work

I wanted to share these pics of a commissioned painting that I completed a couple months back. Titled "Resonator (Out of Chaos Comes Order)" this painting now resides at the Fox Clocks studio at LibertyTown Arts Workshop. Once I hung the painting, the client and I were both excited to see how it meshed in with the rest of the shop.

If interested in a commissioned painting, simply contact me at

Scarlett continues to make functional bird houses and bird feeders for clients. Her bird feeder, pictured here, is designed to accent any garden as well as accommodate the local birds. For more information about Scarlett's recent work, click here.

PONSHOP Student Artwork

Below are some pics from our Student Workshops this year. For a current schedule of our art and ceramic classes, click here.

This summer we offer art workshops for both children and adults interested in painting, collage, skateboard graphics, street art, and art books. Scarlett hosts Birthday Parties that include a clay workshop as well. Our goal is to provide a place where people can be creative and have fun at the same time.

Skate To Create: May 2007
Over the course of 3 sessions, students design and paint their own skateboard deck.
"Dagger" by Harrison, 4th GradeMatt creates his own pro deck, 7th gradeHunter concentrated on his lettering to make a statement, 6th Grade

Mixing The Media: May 2007
In this 2-session class, students create a mixed media piece using collage, acrylics, and markers.
Abigail's piece is inspired by her love of music, 6th Grade.

Madeline contrasts color and form for her piece, 7th Grade

Birthday Parties with Scarlettwares
What better way to spend time with friends than by making ceramics together. Kids have a joint clay workshop and birthday party at LibertyTown Arts Workshop.

PONSHOP Private Lessons
Students are given the freedom to explore various media and ideas in their class time.
Max created a 3-piece stencil that he then used on wood as well as his gym shirt.
"Verse" by Max

Intro To Street Art: Winter 2007
This 3-session workshop exposes students to the art of graffiti writing, stencil making, and spray paint.
Working in repetition and variation, these students practice lettering and freehand drawing in our studio.

Robert and Tristan are avid PONSHOP students. Their workshop focused on sharpening their spray paint skills.

"Boom" by Robert, 10th Grade

"GEN" by Tristan, 9th Grade

Thursday, July 05, 2007

PONSHOP Studio version 2.0

It's been approximately 20 months since Scarlett and I moved into our space at LibertyTown Arts Workshop and we decided to make some minor modifications to our studio to keep things fresh. We've repainted the inside and outside walls as well as took off the interior door and window to make more space for our work. Our tee shirts now have a more prominent display area too. Scarlett suspended the clothes rack from the ceiling to minimize the clutter. Below are some pics. Be sure to visit us this summer...
A brighter, cleaner, outside display area with new MONO Skateboards and shirts
Removing the window allows Scarlett to showcase her lamps or hanging pottery

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Summer 2007: New MONO Lion Decks

Summer is officially here and what better way to usher it in than with a new line of shop decks ready to skate. The MONO Lions are actually a second generation of a painting titled "King of Concrete Jungle" (below).
A lot of people ask me where the ideas come from for the skateboard deck graphics. Long story short is that the graphics are a result of hours and hours of generative studies including drawing and painting. The deck graphics are an extension of my painting explorations, with subject matter inspired from mythology, architectural monuments, and classic figure drawing.

MONO Lion Decks come in 3 different widths (7.5",7.75", and 8.0") and are $45 with griptape. Decks are available at the PONSHOP Studio (916 Liberty Street, Fredericksburg, VA) and Fred Skates (604 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA). Decks may also be purchased via mail-order, simply email me at