Friday, December 17, 2010

Under the Tree for Under $50 (#3)

It's rare to find a mother and 10 year old son that share the same interest in creating handmade accessories. Fortunately, we have an exception to the rule. Designs by T features bright, colorful and shiny bracelets made from sterling silver, semi-precious stones, turquoise, and glass beads woven with leather or silk bands.

For Her: handmade bracelets from Designs by T (starting at $20)

"Upcycled " means recycling and reusing discarded material and creating a higher quality product - thus mitigating the impact on the environment. Here, young Zakk takes aluminum pull tabs and weaves them into cool bracelets and belts for guys and girls.

Wrap Music: Pull Tab Accessories by Zakk ($12-$20)

PONSHOP is proud to be carrying such unique and creative gifts. These pull tab accessories have been a hit this holiday season and has our artist chugging energy drinks to keep making more.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PONSHOP Gift Cards Available

By now we're all struggling to find that perfect gift for a friend or family member. For those whose passion is art and everything creative, look no further. The PONSHOP gift card provides the recipient with the opportunity to select exactly what they want from our gallery. You set the dollar amount and you're done...Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Making It Final for the Vinyl: 12" LP Album Art

12" vinyl album stencil series by Gabriel Pons ($50-$85)

About two months ago, a friend gave me a crate of old records with the thought that I might be able to make some use of them. Since then I've been creating new stencil sets and spraying them up on vinyl. For those of you cringing to see old records get defaced, believe me, the albums I have on hand I don't think anyone will miss.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Latest Greatest: Recycled Neckwear by Katie Vance

“Christine” Chocolate Brown Knit Necklace with Braiding ($26)

As KRS-One said back in '88, "You've Got to Have Style and Learn to be Original". That's our modus operandi at PONSHOP,so we are excited to have these handmade necklaces from Nashville fiber artist Katie Vance. Made from recycled T-Shirts and knit items, these can be worn as a scarf or necklace to augment one's individual style. Check It!

T-Shirt Necklace: Black and Turquoise Knit strands w/decorative knots ($26)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

PONSHOP Featured Artist Interview: Ginger Huebner

Ginger Huebner, a good friend of Gabe and Scarlett from their days at Virginia Tech, is an artist based out of Asheville, NC. We're excited to have a few of her pieces here at the gallery, and our intern Sarah Dawes spent some time interviewing Ginger for the blog.

"Let's Walk Together" Collage, Encaustic on Wood 11"x10"

Ginger Huebner believes that life is full of stories, and it is through her art that she aims to translate events and emotions into visual understanding. Using mostly collage and chalk pastel, her work is based entirely on individual clients and their own journeys; it encompasses individual dreams, passions, and defining life moments. Having studied architecture at Virginia Tech, Huebner eventually came to realize that the confines of her concentration did not allow her the creative voice she was seeking. Through her art, Huebner is able to capture fleeting moments in a way that will enable others to learn, appreciate, and grow from them.

Encaustic painting – one of Huebner’s primary mediums – involves applying melted beeswax to a prepared surface, usually wood in Huebner’s case. Metal tools and special brushes are used to shape the wax while it’s still hot, and heat lamps or heat guns allow artists more time to work with the wax.

"Fall" Collage, Encaustic on Wood 7"x12"

Q: When and how did you start developing an interest in art?
A: I have always loved doing artistic activities. I remember having Trapper Keeper when I was younger (8 years old, I think?), that was filled with drawings, copies of pictures, things I would collect, etc... I spent a lot of time drawing and painting things I saw. It wasn't until college that my creative process really blossomed, as I began to understand composition and was encouraged to move beyond just what I saw toward what I could create.
Q: You live and work in Asheville, North Carolina. Can you give us an overview of Asheville’s art scene and your involvement in it?
A: Yes, I relocated to Asheville four years ago from Seattle. There is an amazing diversity of local artists and artisans scattered all around the Western North Carolina region. Asheville specifically has a highly concentrated district, the River Arts District (RAD), which is a series of 15-20 former textile and industrial buildings, now filled with art studios with working artists. I have had a studio in the RAD since 2007 that I share with talented oil painter, Ralston Fox Smith ( Our building, Pink Dog Creative,, sits in the heart of the district, and also houses the Asheville Arts Council, renowned artist Randy Shull, and other talented and committed artists. The RAD is the epicenter of Asheville's art scene and is emblematic of what art (and all creative endeavors) means to Asheville and surrounding region. The RAD hosts a bi-annual Studio Stroll which over the course of the weekend invites the public to view and purchase work from the hundreds of artists housed in these studios. The art scene is a real source of pride for locals and an asset to this community.
In addition to my own studio work in the district, the school I founded, Roots + Wings School of Art, holds custom art studio sessions and art workshops at this location. Root and Wings School of Art serves in many capacities and offers classes by myself and other RAD artists, to kids, adults and families. It was my intent to bring together these talented artists and be the conduit that allows them to share their passion and skill with others.
Q: We have read about how you strive to represent events and emotions through your artwork. In terms of client commissions, what kind of interaction do you have with the clients?
A: When I am asked to do a commission, I work very closely with my client through the entire process. First, we begin with a conversation to explore their ideas for the piece. I ask for descriptive words, colors, dates, imagery that might be significant, places / maps, etc... Then I spend time creating a preliminary sketch with colored pencil and pen that my client can comment on. I then create the layout of the piece with actual imagery, text, etc... and send a photo of this to my client. Again, they are welcome to comment on changes they might like to see, or present new ideas that have been sparked by the process. Finally, I go ahead and create the final work. It is always a fulfilling and unique experience. For most artists, this may seem an unorthodox approach, but my work has always been about connections.
Q: You graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in architecture. How has your education led you in the direction of the work you’re doing today? To what extent has it assisted you in your artistic career?
A: My time at Virginia Tech's School of Architecture+Design was crucial to my development as an artist. I credit my years there with learning how to think creatively, learning how to truly see things differently, and developing confidence in my creative talents. Specifically, the combination of my second year professor Mark Blizzard's spontaneous gift of a set of chalk pastels along with learning from his inspiring teaching methods (and his own beautifully crafted drawings) sent me down a path that has led me where I am today. As my third, fourth and fifth years unfolded, my own 'drawings' became another language for expressing not only my studio projects, but translating other elements of my life. I don't think I have ever really verbalized this until now, but in many ways, my early professional career as an architect (listening to clients ideas, shaping them into a uniquely personal work of "art", letting them be an integral part of the creative process) has also shaped my artwork.

"Expand" Collage, Encaustic on Wood 15"x16"

Q: We have a number of your encaustic pieces here at the PONSHOP. Could you briefly touch upon why you chose this medium to work with? What is the process you go through for this type of work? How do you think this enhances your work in ways that other methods could not?
A: As my work has evolved, I have experimented with new ways to incorporate my collage elements. Encaustic provides a way to layer the collage elements with translucency as well as be a tactile protector of the piece. The process involves melting the medium, applying it with a brush, then re-heating it with a heat gun. You can infinitely adjust the texture and thickness of the encaustic medium. Since my work of collage and pastel is largely 2-dimensional, the addition of the encaustic medium adds dimension to the work that I could not otherwise achieve, as well as providing opportunities for carving into or adding texture.
Q: Throughout your years as a student and artist, did you have any mentors who assisted or influenced your work?
A: As I mentioned above, Professor Mark Blizzard was certainly one of my first mentors. The artwork he was creating at the time directly influenced my own experimentation. Also, I had the pleasure and privilege to meet and spend a weekend with Sambo Mockbee between my second and third years of school. He greatly influenced me on an emotional and 'bigger vision' level, which I will always carry with me. The final two years in school at Virginia Tech's Washington-Alexandria Architecture Consortium, Ron Kagawa and Susan Piedmont-Palladino were both elemental in moving my work beyond the pure emotional toward work with greater depth and clarity. Artists Romare Bearden and Joseph Cornell are meaningful inspirations.
Q: It seems that the work we have featured at the PONSHOP alludes to reflections on the environment and the natural world. Many of our patrons have sensed an environmental tone to your pieces. Can you give us any insight?
A: I have always had a great appreciation for whatever environment surrounds me. The natural world is a gift worth contemplating. I see the subtle and grand moments of life through the lens of the natural world and the human body. My work is a layering of my life story, my education as an architect, the joys and pains of the creative process, the connections to others and a reverence for the natural world.

Thanks to Ginger for all of her insight. If you're interested in viewing more of her work be sure to visit her website.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Gift Giving for the Holidazed...

Friday, November 26 2010: Since I was a kid, I've always tracked the official start to the holiday media blitz to the Macy's Day Parade. These days the advertising phenomenon has permeated our email inboxes, cell phones, and facebook posts that after a while it all gets pretty overwhelming.

Ironically, Scarlett and I find ourselves in the position of having to do just that - spend time promoting our new buisness. So for all of our fans and gracious clientele we've known for years, before we barrage you with our latest (and believe us we mean "most recent" - like painting as we type) works of art from our gallery, we'd like to thank you for your encouragement and positive response to what's now become the dream that Scarlett and I have shared for many years. Viva PONSHOP!

Below are some snapshots of our holiday window display. Shout Outs to Lova Revolutionary for providing us the sweet plush holiday tree as well as Luxchroma Design Studio for the LED illumination in the storefront windows. Also a big shout out to all of our contributing artists - Gracias!


PONSHOP by Night.

Check out the array of PONSHOP ceramic snowflakes and plush gift card ornaments by Clink Designs.

The heavily coveted Ecoist Handbag and Medusa Wood Block Minis

PONSHOP features unique gifts for the whole dang family.
Holiday Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 10am-6pm, Fri & Sat 10am-8pm.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Icy Grape Incident Clothing at PONSHOP

Men's "Handstyle" tees (charcoal, gold, black) $22 each

We're happy to announce that we've added Icy Grape Incident Clothing to the racks at PONSHOP. Inspired by a Graffiti-influenced upbringing, Icy Grape Incident owner Tony Sementelli and his fellow artists took the leap into embarking on their own clothing line and never looked back. Below are more snapshots of what's in the shop. We're looking forward to receiving tees from their artist line soon.

Women's "Handstyle" V-Neck tees (lavender, yellow) $22 each

Children's "Grinding" tees (pink, red) $16 each

Icy Grape Incident wants to bring original street-inspired designs to clothing for the masses without mass-produced nonsense. All designs are original artwork from like-minded contributors. Become a Fan of IGI on Facebook.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Intro to Street Art: October 2010

The goal of Frank's "Intro To Street Art" piece was to create something that was positive and optimistic. Check out the images below to see his progress. Good Work!

Frank shows off his stencil after the first pass of color.

Here he is with his finished piece: One stencil used twice to create a drop shadow effect for his "Live" text.

PONSHOP offers classes in Ceramics, Mixed Media, Street Art, Architecture, and Skateboard Design for children as well as Ceramics and Drawing for adults. Our classes run throughout the winter and through spring. For a current class schedule, Click Here.

Under the Tree for Under $50 (#2)

The PONSHOP gallery has been transformed to accommodate holiday shoppers in their search for the perfect gift, and more and more items “under the tree” for under $50 are being showcased each day. The collection includes new work from Gabriel Pons, which is comprised of vinyl records stenciled with his signature artwork.

Making it final for the vinyl: 12" LP albums of stencil art ($50-$75)

Ceramic animal bowls have also hit the shelves at PONSHOP. Designed by Scarlett Suhy-Pons and influenced by her children, they are playful additions to any kitchen or household.

Personality Goes a Long Way: Animal Bowls by Scarlett Suhy-Pons ($30)

Artist Mary Kenyon, PONSHOP’s latest consignee, is featured extensively this month with her variety of quilted items in the shop, ranging from handbags and camera straps to aprons and baby bibs. Kenyon also has a number of larger quilts on display in the gallery.

Styles Upon Styles: Quilted items by Mary Kenyon ($10-$44)

Accessories for men are plentiful at the PONSHOP, like with Randi Tannenbaum’s vintage license plate belt buckle and distressed leather belt. “Designs by T” also has a number of stainless steel beaded leather bracelets in the shop, as well as Gypsy Tailor’s collection of Argentinean leather wallets with recycled silk tie interiors.

It's a Man's World: Handmade Bracelets and Accessories ($32-$50)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adult Mixed Media Workshop: October 2010

PONSHOP's October Adult Mixed Media Class hosted four enthusiastic students willing to get their hands dirty using mixed media (paper collage and acrylic paint). Below are some photographs of their work at the end of their last session. Good Job!

Theresa's composition incorporated intricately cut collage pieces as well as hand painted text and form.

Patricia's piece was as fluid as her personality - vibrant colors and gestural paint strokes complemented her collage assembly.

Kathleen's experience in mixed media and painting is evident in her composition. She skillfully merged found image with acrylic paint.

Kassandra's piece explored the transparency of acrylic paint with the patterning of mixed media collage.

PONSHOP offers class in Ceramics, Mixed Media, Street Art, Architecture, and Skateboard Design for children and adults. Our classes run throughout the winter. For a current class schedule, Click Here.

Skate to Create: October 2010

October's "Skate to Create" class started with nothing more than blank boards and the artists' ideas. In three 1.5 -hour sessions, we took it from idea to drawing to stencil and ended up with a personalized deck ready to skate. Check out the pics below:

Selecting the perfect color scheme is always important.

The background for the boards accents the main designs.

Gussie cut stencils using his name and a self-made logo to create a personal reflection of himself in his board.

Jasper was inspired by the bomber art in World War II and succeeds in capturing an intimidating and fierce battle face. (on the deck, not Jasper...)

Daisy took her love for pandas to a new level with this 2-layer stencil.

PONSHOP offers classes in Ceramics, Mixed Media, Street Art, Architecture, and Skateboard Design for children as well as adults. Our classes run throughout the month and into the winter. For a current class schedule, Click Here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Under the Tree for Under $50 (#1)

With so many new items arriving at the PONSHOP, we’ve been busy putting together some great gift deals for the holidays. Take any one of our Eighth Street Soaps and pair it with a Ceramic Soap Dish and WrapAgain reusable wrapping paper, only $23. The soaps come in a number of unique scents, including “STUD,” “Fluffy Pajamas,” and “Three Vices.”

Looking for apparel? Grab one of our PONSHOP Toddler T’s and a WrapAgain, just $24 for the pair.

To really get you ready for the season, check out the Ceramic Snowflake Ornaments for $12 each. These handmade ornaments, like real snowflakes, are each unique and different. Available in blue and white, these ornaments make a great addition to any tree.

Along with the ornaments, we also have Ceramic Snowflake Votives for $15 each. The candle and holder create the perfect combination of soft lighting and holiday cheer. These festive votives are sure to fit in great with any holiday decor.
Come visit us this holiday season to find that special gift for anyone on your list.
Our hours are: Tues - Sat 10am-6pm; Sun noon - 5pm

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

November 5, 2010: Stencil Kit Release Party

For November's First Friday event on November 5th, PONSHOP's "Do-It-Yourself" Stencil Kit was released to the public. Throughout the night, PONSHOP co-owner Gabriel Pons performed demonstrations where he cut stencils from the kit...
He showed the proper way to cut out stencil designs using razor blades...

...and did some spray painting on the Public Wall in the garden.

Of course, Pons got some help from past students who have taken the PONSHOP "Street Art" classes, some even brought original designs of their own.

By the end of the event, the entire board was covered. Here are some close ups:

The span of the mural wall incorporated a collaboration of designs that speaks to the diversity of Street Art. Thanks to all those that participated.

To try these designs yourself and gain a basic knowledge of stenciling, our Stencil Kit is on sale for $25. This includes six different designs for a total of ten stencils with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to intermediate. Available exclusively at PONSHOP (718 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA).