Saturday, May 30, 2009

Intro to Street Art: May 2009

Holly brought a lot to the table for her Intro to Street Art class: she loved to draw and doodle, had a good sense of humor, and was willing to try new things - specifically cutting stencils and using spray paint. Below are some snapshots from her classes. Good Job!

After doing some thumbnail sketches on paper, we took it to spraypaint and mocked up the background.

Holly made a large 48"x24" stencil of her name and applied it to the board.

She had the luxury of being able to paint her piece twice: the second time around she hit it with markers and sprayed the stencil again with highlights and shadows.

(Finger Painted)


Tim said...

Hey I'm liking the octupus designs you do on the skateboards. I like making stencils and spray painting boards too but I can never find a very good deck that really skates all that well. I've bought some blank decks from ebay and but none really feel as good as a normal graphic deck. Any suggestions and does fredskates carry those octupus boards? Might have to get one of those next time I'm in fredericksburg.

Gabriel at PONSHOP said...

Tim -

Yeah - finding good wood is the trick - the only way I've found is to set up a business account with a reputable distributor and buy in bulk - that means dropping in on hundreds of dollars worth of decks.
If you take my "skate to create" class - you get a deck included...
I'll be making more octo decks soon - let me know what width you want..._G