Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Artwork from "Public/Private"

Here is some of the artwork from the "Public/Private" exhibit that is up on the walls of the PONSHOP until April 30.

Long Night's Work
Chris Schumacher
Glicee on Canvas

Aeri - Creekside #1
Chris Schumacher
Glicee on Archiva; Paper

Atlantis Schematic
Thom White
Ink, Wash, & Pencil on Ink Jet Print

Behind an Ancient Austrian Door
Sandy Leigh Skipper

Designs on You
Mirinda Reynolds
Mixed Media on Wood
$75 (Artist Proceeds go to RCDV)
Mi Barrio
Ana Rendich
Rob Landeck
Mixed Media

Self Portrait with Shades
Ed King

The Homeless Man is Ever Present, but Rarely Seen
Sidney Mullis & Jeff Gulick
Mixed Media

Greg Crawford
Jams Bauguess
Acrylic on Canvas

Just Makin' Out at Steak and Ale
Joshua Barber
Mixed Media

Come in to see these pieces of work and many others that are on exhibit right now.

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